In For-omtaler

Tonight June 3 at 19:00 our English speaking friends from HIT International Theatre Arts / Move the North are revisiting Teatret ved Sorte Hest – this time as part of CHP STAGE.

We are delighted to host their charity event DON’T MENTION THE WAR, a new play by Ben Hamilton on the highly relevant theme of War in Europe – most particularly Brexit and its impact and significance in the context of Europe and the European Union.

A staged play reading lifted off the page by a unique Anglo-Danish cast of nine actors, three international directors, plus one composer creating live music.

The entrance is free, but proceeds from contributions by the audience will be donated to a wonderful charity cause: Goldschmidt’s Musikakademie who works with teaching and creating music with refugee children from all over the world and the vulnerable in society: www.goldschmidts.dk

If you enjoy tonight’s performance and wish to participate in donating to the charity, you can use the following mobile pay number: Goldschmidts Musikakademie #38096

Cast: Tom Hale, Katja Kvistgaard, Andreas Lyon, Tina Robinson, Camilla Søeberg, Alun Thomas, Charlie Waller, Isabel Escudero Zorde
Directed by: Alexandra Christensen, Lars Junggreen, Jana Pulkrabek
Music by: Mashti Project
Scripts written by: Ben Hamilton
A project by: HIT International Theatre Arts / Move the North as part of CPH STAGE




FRK. MARGUERITE. På billedet: Sarah Boberg. Fotograf: Robin SkjoldborgHESTE-PANELET. Thumbnail