12.juni.2015 kl.20.00


My latest album Journey is a trip from my former self into the brand new world, the things left behind and the things yet to be discovered. And the realization of seams sown and roads leading back to where I came from.

It’s about dealing with friends dying, my own sickness and losses. It’s about understanding what you are, what you have or had and not linger in shadows but to tread out of it and use and turn these dark times and moments into something positive.

I’ve never felt at home in a specific genre, I write what i feel and how ever people choose to categorize that is up to them. What ever comes out comes out, that’s how I work. If I’m stuck on an emotion or theme or just have a line of lyrics in the back of my mind. Something is happening and I press record. That’s how most of my songs start out, by impulse.

Music is everywhere is a well used term, and I agree with that statement. And you could use anything as an instrument, if it makes a sound when you touch it, hit it or blow it you can use it in a song. But what really makes me tick is to use certain sounds or instruments out of their element.

Everyone knows how a banjo sounds playing country or bluegrass, but how would it sound building a background for some moaning flutes or crying cellos. How does a harp sound if you strum it with a bow? I truly love these experiments, these trial and error in sound design and compositions. Even if I’m recording a straight up steel stringed sing and song writer track I love to create that atmosphere sitting in the back using all sorts of crazy stuff.  I also have a weak spot for music who dares blend and mix genres, studying strict classical music taught me one thing, rules are meant to be broken in music no matter what teachers think. What ever sounds good sounds good. There are no right or wrongs in music.


Erik Lundgren – Vokal og Guitar
Jimmie Nolsøe – Guitar
Kaare Grasbøll – Keyboard

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